Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And In The Future. . .

We'll see the first shootout on a plane - obviously over Florida - in which the NRA's new Airline Concealed Weapons law will allow unlimited numbers of guns aboard aircraft.

Judging by the 25 or so guns currently confiscated per week in airports, it won't be long before the NRA will declare these good Americans the victims of gun-grabbing TSA agents.

Republicans in the House will cheer lustily as they strike down this growing threat to Liberty, and kick the ass of Tyranny.

I can easily see several phone-cam videos of the shootout going viral on YouTube, starting when a Tea Partier threatens the Flight Attendant because they don't like their meal, followed by a stray bullet through the skull of a Bond Trader from New Jersey.

The replay will show a dozen guns in play, and stops abruptly when the hull is breached by several stray rounds out many windows and the plane tips over and spirals into the ground.

The NRA will promptly demand passage of The Flight Attendant Protection Bill, which forces all airline personnel to be armed.

Hey, it could happen.

I mean, if they'd had guns, they could have popped the first dude right through his meal tray.

No problem too big for more guns to make worse.

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